International University Teaching Portfolio (1984-2024)


Universities where the following courses have been / are being taught




1.      Introduction to psychology (Hildesheim, Pécs)

2.      Educational psychology (Freiburg, Hildesheim, Passau, Pécs)

3.      Developmental psychology (Bressanone, Pécs)

4.      Psychology of cultural mediation (M.A. Pécs)

5.      Research methods (Bolzano, Freiburg, Munich, Pécs)

6.      Personality psychology (Pécs)

7.      Social psychology (Munich [Senior Civil Servants' College], Pécs)

8.      Cognitive developmental psychology (Riga)

9.      Behavioural theories of learning (Freiburg, Hildesheim, Munich)

10.  Cognitive theories of learning (Hildesheim, Munich)

11.  Psychology of motivation (Hildesheim, Passau)

12.  Evolutionary psychology (Freiburg, Munich, Passau, Sopron/Oedenburg, Zurich)

13.  Media education: From the stone-age to the internet (Innsbruck)

14.  The alternate view. On gender differences. (A series of lectures initiated by the Commissioner of women's issues of the University of Munich)



1.      Psychology of cultural mediation (Pécs)

2.      The general psychology of falling in love (Munich, Pécs)

3.      The psychology of fashion and trends (Munich)

4.      From emotional expression to its social effect (Munich)

5.      Automat to autarky: Mankind perceived in the social sciences (Munich)

6.      Communication and emotional intelligence (Munich, Passau)

7.      Psychology of motivation (Hildesheim, Munich, Passau)

8.      Learning problems - disturbed behaviour - educational difficulties (Hildesheim, Munich, Passau)

9.      The evolution of emotions (Munich)

10.  Recent developments in evolutionary psychology (Munich, Pécs, Zurich)

11.  Aggression (Munich, Passau)

12.  Psychology of language and communication (Munich)

13.  Lecturing and presentation (Budapest)

14.  Led by the nose. The limits of anatomy (Pécs Fac.Med.)

15.  The psychology of odor. The human end-product - All about faeces (Pécs Fac. Med.)


Research classes and interdisciplinary seminars

1.      Views on human nature, methods and results in natural and social science - an interdisciplinary seminar for biologists and psychologists at the faculty of biology of the University of Munich (in cooperation with Zoology-professors Bruckmoser and Klein)

2.      Emotional intelligence and social communication (Munich)

3.      Educational, evolutionary and psychological aspects of achievement (Munich)

4.      The hedonistic evaluation of body odours by homo- and heterosexuals (Munich, in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Pöppel and Prof. Hudson)

5.      Territory and society: Strata-dependent socialisation and the perception of territory and the world we live in within the same city – Munich

6.      Experimental research of attractiveness (Munich)

7.      Cognitive aspects of congeniality (Munich)

8.      Experiments on the psychology of motivation (Munich)

9.      Teenagers' perspective of their future (Munich)

10.  Education in practice - What makes a professor "good" (Munich)

11.  Content analysis of personal advertisements (Munich)

12.  Gender-specific partner perception (Munich)

13.  The cognitive map of Germany as perceived from the East and the West (Munich)


Practical courses in Methods

1.      Non metric multidimensional scaling and unfolding (Freiburg, Munich)

2.      Statistical Package for the Social Sciences [SPSS] (Munich)

3.      The interview in psychological assessment (Bolzano, Munich)

4.      PC-aided presentation of experimental findings (Munich)

5.      Research methods in the social sciences (Bolzano, Freiburg, Pécs)

6.      Educational and social psychology of the Internet (Innsbruck, Munich)

7.      What personal characteristics do students use to describe their fellow students of the individual faculties? (Pécs)