Contributions held at scientific conferences (a short selection)



Dunaújváros, 2023: Neocapitalistic society and the anthropology of the abject
(The Sixth International Conference of the Wolfgang von Kempelen Eminent Scientists' Society)

Cracow, 2023: Factors influencing teachers' psychophysiological condition and behaviour
(The First International Conference on Teacher Change-Development. Keynote lecture.)

Pécs, 2021: SZAGpszichológiai gondolatok
[Stool - Remarks from the psychology of olfaction]
(Stool in Science and Art. Lecture series of the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology of the University of Pécs)

Pécs, 2020: Beavatás: Ami a nyugati ifjúság neveléséből hiányzik
[Initiation: The missing element in the upbringing of Western youth]
(Matthias Corvinus Collegium for the Gifted)

Pécs, 2019: Kairosz: Az idő szava
[Kairos: The quality of time]
(Ceremonial Address at the Official Opening of the Academic Year 2019-20 of the University of Pécs)

Sopron, 2019: How school can foster creativity
(2nd Erasmus+ Conference and International Week on Early Childhood Education)

Budapest, 2019: Az agresszió pszichológiai alapjai
[Psychological basics of aggression]
(Conference: Interdependence of Animal Torture and Violence against Humans at the University for Veterinary Medicine Budapest)

Cracow, 2018: Fear of getting old? Healthy and active aging
(2nd Nationwide Polish Scientific Conference for Healthy and Active Aging at the Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego)

Sopron, 2018: (Pre-) School climate and the joy of discovery
(Conference on pre-school at the Faculty of Education of the University of Sopron)

Pécs, 2018: A szerelem jövője
[The future of love]

(TEDx talk)

Cracow, 2017: Value-based synergy in a globalized world - How can school prepare for cooperation with extremely different cultures?
(International Scientific Conference "Synergy of Educational Environments - Social Contexts of Education")

Cracow, 2017: Hardly visible and depicted as dummies. Seniors' negative media presence and the dangerous dynamics of a self-fulfilling prophesy
("Seniors in Social and Media Space" First International Scientific Conferende of the Visegrád Group Countries)

Budapest, 2017: Tanulni-tanulni-tanulni. Állatkísérletek a pszichológiában
[Experiments with animals in psychology]

("Versatility of an Ethical Human-Animal-Relationship" Third Conference of the Hungarian Society for Animal Protection and -Welfare at the Veterinary University)

Beregovo, 2016: Az igazi fenntarthatóság az ember természetével szemben is fenntartható elvárásokra épül!
[Real sustainability can only work if founded on expectations in accordance with human nature!]
(Keynote at the 12th Environmental Science Conference of the Carpathian Basin)

Berlin, 2016: Evolutionäre Ästhetik als bare Münze?
[Evolutionary aesthetics on face value?]
(Keynote at the Conference Evolutionary Aesthetics)

Dargov, 2015: Successful management with the intelligence of the stone-age.
(Manazment podnikov - Management of companies 2015)

Pécs, 2014: Szabadság vagy szerelem? A szingli-lét boldog(talan)ságáról.
Freedom or love? The (un-)happiness of single life]
19th Psy-esta-Conference of the Institute of Psychology of the University of Pécs)

Sarajevo, 2013: The resurrection of democracy in the Baltic States
(24th Annual Conference of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM))

Pécs, 2013: Ha Ámor nyila célba ér
[When Amor's arrow hits the bull's eye]
(Open University, UnivTV)

Beregovo, 2013: Nigeria revisited – 40 years of social transit in one of Africa’s richest and poorest countries
(Transnational conference for the gifted)

Pécs, 2013: Lehet más a prezentáció - Az izgalmas előadás titkairól
[Presentations can be different - Some of the secrets of an exciting lecture]
(Szentágothai Science Circle)

Budapest, 2012: The psychology of falling in love
(Keynote Speaker at the Annual Conference of Psychologists Psynapsis)

Pécs, 2011: Mielőtt tizenkettőt üt - a suhanc. Hogyan segít az érzelmi intelligencia úrrá lenni az erőszak fölött
[Before the JD strikes 12. How emotional intelligence can help master violence]
(Invited lecture at the Law School of the University of Pécs)

Pécs, 2011: Mikor figyel a diák? Egy kibernetikai modell és a valóság
[When will the student pay attention? A cybernetic model and reality]
(Annual conference of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Dubrovnik, 2011: Bologna baloney – University, an independent stronghold of free thinking since the Middle Ages, is in danger
(22nd annual conference of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM))

Chemnitz, 2010: Wer ist schuld? – Vermeintliche Gründe und Lösungen für die Spannungen zwischen Ungarn und Zigeunern
[Who is to blame? – Alleged causes and cures for the tension between Hungarians and Gypsies]
(Invited lecture at the Institute of Intercultural Communication of the University of Chemnitz)

Berlin, 2004: Depression Bewältigen
[Understanding and overcoming depression]
(Presentation and discussion held at the public theatre Urania)

Frankfurt am Main, 2001: Moderne Methoden im Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz
[Modern methods in work and health protection]
(Conference in the Chamber of Industry and Trade, IHK)

Koblenz, 2001: Ist Liebe Frauensache?
[Is loving a woman's domain?]
(Public lecture in co-operation with Senate's Committee for Gender Issues at the University of Koblenz-Landau)

Matrei, 2000: Die Welt in unseren Köpfen - Die Kunst kognitiven Kartierens
[Maps in minds - The art of cognitive mapping]
(Orientation - Matrei Conference on Interdisciplinary Cultural Research)

Hildesheim, 2000: Fühlen Frauen anders? Über die phylogenetischen Wurzeln der kognitiven Strategien der Partnerwahl
[Do women feel differently?]
(Public lecture organised by the University's Female Interests' Officer: Do women feel differently?)

Matrei, 1999: Der Bedeutungswandel des deutschen Michel
[Development of the meaning of the German "Michel"]
(Cultural development - Matrei Conference on Interdisciplinary Cultural Research)

Schliersee, 1999: Evolution - aus der Vergangenheit für die Zukunft. Ihr Beitrag zu einem humaneren Miteinander in der globalisierten Massengesellschaft
[Evolution - out of the past for the future. A contribution towards more human co-operation in a global mass society]
(Responsible organiser of the conference on behalf of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, opening lecture Educational goal: Promoting the intelligence of the stone age)

Marburg, 1998: Jung, ledig sucht? - Die Welt der Singles
[White, single seeks - The world of singles] Chair of the work group Interpersonal Relationships
(40th Conference of Experimental Psychologists, -TeaP)

Hamburg, 1998: Schulleistung aus evolutionstheoretischer Sicht
[Evolutionary aspects of school achievement]
(16th Congress of the German Society for Educational Science)

Bressanone, 1997: Durch die Grenze von der Sowjetunion nach Rußland - wie kündigte sich der Zerfall im Ausdruck ehemaliger und Noch-Sowjetbürger an?
Across the border from the Soviet Union to Russia - How disintegration could be prognosticated from expressed behaviour of ex and still Soviet citizens]
(German Society for Art and Psychopathology of Expression, DGPPA)

Berlin, 1997: Das erste Mal: "Drehbücher" in unseren Köpfen zum ersten Rendezvous
[The first time: Scripts we have in our minds about a first date] Chair of the Study group "Gender differences"
(Conference of Experimental Psychologists, -TeaP)

Altenberg / Vienna, 1997: Abenteuer Heiratsmarkt: Die stammesgeschichtlichen Wurzeln der Kommunikation in Partnerschaften
[Making the mate market: The evolutionary roots of communication in relationships]
(Presentation and discussion at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolutionary and Cognitive Research)

Quito, 1997: Entre la Filosofia, la Medicina y las Ciencias Exactas - Qué es la Sicologia?
[Between philosophy, medicine and the exact sciences - What is Psychology?]
(Presentation and discussion held in the Aula of the Central University of Ecuador)

Hatfield, 1996: Genes and memes: An experiment to predict congeniality
(Presentation and discussion at the University of Hertfordshire)

Munich, 1996: Chair of the Study group "Odour-communication"
(Conference of the German Psychological Society, DGPs)

Vienna, 1996: Dating like in the African savannah: An evolutionary psychological contribution to human mating behaviour.
(International Society for Human Ethology, ISHE)

Bochum, 1995: Die hedonische Bewertung geschlechtsspezifischer Düfte bei Homo- und Heterosexuellen
[The hedonic evaluation of gender-specific odours through homo- and heterosexuals]
(Conference of Experimental Psychologists, -TeaP)

Osnabrück, 1992: Ein Wort vor der Liebe: Ein neuer Ansatz in der Sympathieforschung
[A word before love: A new paradigm to prognosticate congeniality]
(Conference of Experimental Psychologists, -TeaP)

Marburg, 1988: Was "lernen" Psychologen? - Einstellungsänderungen zu Neurose im Laufe des Studiums
[What do Psychologists "learn"? - Alterations in attitude towards neurosis in the course of studies]
(Conference of Experimental Psychologists, -TeaP)

Saarbrücken, 1986: Die subjektive Repräsentation Europas bei Ost-, West- und Nichteuropäern
[The subjective representation of Europe in East-, West- and non Europeans]
(Conference of Experimental Psychologists, -TeaP)